LBLC believes in acknowledging and respecting the cultural diversity of each and every child in our centre. As we begin to approach end of October, At LBLC children and teachers begin the preparations for Diwali, weeks before the celebration. We have  children from Indian cultural backgrounds and Diwali is an important celebration for all of them.  Diwali is called the Festival of lights. Children create Happy Diwali cards, to give to their families on the special occasion and paint the Divas to decorate their rooms for Diwali celebrations.  On the day, children and teachers comes in their cultural clothing, do dancing together, draw hennas on their hand and enjoy the specially prepared delicious Diwali Lunch. This is the time for our children from Indian background to share their culture with everyone. This is the time when children from other cultural backgrounds learn and experience different cultures and celebrations.

Children and families experience an environment where: Connecting links with the family and the wider world are affirmed and extended.

Ministry of Education (2017) Te Whāriki: New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum