Children's learning and development are fostered if there is a strong connection and consistency among all the aspects of the child's world.

Ministry of Education (2017) Te Whāriki: New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum

The wider world of family and community is a fundamental part of the early childhood curriculum and is mutually supportive of the well being of whānau/families, local communities and neighborhoods. Making children's learning experiences visible ensures that parents and whānau gain an understanding of those learning experiences, which in turn empowers children to become self-directed learners.

Post Lady Visit

At LBLC we take initiatives to provide opportunities for our children to learn and experience the community services around. We organize community visits from local fire station, police, post services New Zealand, for children to meet them in real and learn about their jobs and services.

We had a visit from'post lady' last year and everybody was excited to see her. The visit of post lady brought in a lot of joy and gave an insight to the children on how to post a letter. Children were happy to see her; they asked her. her name and sang many songs with her. She shared a lot of information with the children regarding the mailing envelope and the stamp that she had. When children asked how does she remember everyone’s address? She told that every mail has got a delivering address written in the front of the envelop that she tracks in her map, which helps her to find the route for delivering the right mail to the right address. The post lady also discussed with children how she keeps herself hydrated by drinking lots of water, and why is it important to drink more water in summer.

Our children even posted a letter to their own families during post lady’s visit from local Post Service.