The Teachers at Little Buddies Somerset Road are really good at capturing our Childs interest. They got to know him really well and they do all that they can to ensure that he is achieving his own individual goals.



The Centre is very welcoming and friendly. The Teachers are very good at communicating how our daughter is doing and keeping us up to date on what is happening in the Centre. They are super friendly, when first enrolling our daughter we were very nervous, but the teachers made us feel super welcome and they became like family to us.



The teachers at Little Buddies Somerset Road are very welcoming and cheerful in the mornings. Our son is always happy to arrive at the Centre. They are very informative about what is happening in the Centre and do so many celebrations. We look forward to all the celebrations that they plan.



The Centre is very inviting, I met the Centre Manager and the we both felt the Centre felt like home this helped with my son settling in and feeling secure.